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Common Rail System Test Bench SPT2708

Model: SPT2708
Application: Use for BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI common rail pump and common rail injector. BOSCH Piezo common rail injector and EUI/EUP.
1.Complete testing function for common rail pump and injector together; 2.Precision testing and checking same as OEM factory; 3.Stable running on 4000 RPM with common rail pump; 4.Reliability for long time, its not change. 5.Including all popular common rail pump and injector data. Also customization is available. 6.USB disk data and program update is available.

1.Shape:BOSCH EPS708 shape
2.Common rail function: Common rail pump: BOSCH and DENSO
                                           Common rail injector: BOSCH and DENSO
3.EUI/EUP:(optional)program update and attachment following
4.Pizo function:  (optional)
5.Control system: Windows system computer with industry solid Disk
6.Injector fixture: one set only, maximum fixture:  4 sets(optional), need add USD800
7.Sensor: only meter sensors imported
8.Lubrication system:  Not equipped
9.Cooling system: Equipped
10.Standard test data:  Installed
11.Test data customize:  Support
12.Language: Chinese and English, other language need customer help to translate and factory update free
14.Max Pressure: 1800Bar
15.Precision:  ±1%
16.Power:380V or 220V 3 phase 50HZ