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The function of the common rail fuel injection pump test bench:

1. The engine works normally and runs normally;
2. All sensors and actuators are complete and effective, and the high-pressure common rail fuel injection pump test bench can be tested by special instruments;
3. Digital display of the voltage change value of each sensor;
4. Pointer oil pressure gauge displays fuel pressure and oil pressure;
5. The pointer vacuum gauge shows the specific value of the vacuum pressure of the intake pipe.


Matters you should pay attention to when using a common rail test bench

First of all, make sure to fully prepare for the experiment. You should familiar with the experimental content, understand the experimental steps. When conducting experiments, remember to strictly follow the experimental procedures to prevent fires caused by non-standard operations. Strictly abide by the discipline of the laboratory, prohibiting playing in the laboratory, playing slapsticks, and preventing the breaking of equipment to cause a fire. It is forbidden to play with lab equipment and medicines that are not related to the experiment, especially electric heating equipment.

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