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Actuator kit 7135-486 Made in WUNFA

OEM                      Available
Sample                  Available
Payment               PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ              50pcs


1.Product Introduction

The Actuator Kit 7135-486 is a repair kit for the diesel fuel injection pump. It includes a new actuator, also known as a solenoid, which is responsible for controlling the fuel flow to the engine. The actuator works in conjunction with other components of the fuel system, such as the fuel pump and fuel injectors, to ensure optimal fuel delivery and engine performance.

When the actuator in the fuel injection pump starts to fail or malfunction, it can cause various issues with the engine, such as poor fuel efficiency, reduced power, and increased emissions. The Actuator Kit 7135-486 is designed to replace the faulty actuator and restore proper function to the fuel injection system.

The kit typically includes the actuator/solenoid, as well as any necessary gaskets and seals needed for installation. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing the kit to ensure proper fit and function of the fuel injection pump.


2.Product Application

Injector Type

Delphi Volvo Unit Injector

Injector No.

Delphi No.:
BEBE4B01001 — 1677154, 8112556
EBE4B01002 — 1547909, 8112557
BEBE4B01003 — 1547287, 8112660
EBE4B01004 — 3964404, 8113092
BEBE4B10001, BEBE4B10101 — 3964820, 8113177
BEBE4B10002 — 8170966, 8113180
BEBE4B10102 — 8113180, 8170966
EBE4B12001 — 3155040, 8113409
BEBE4B12003 — 8170998, 8113411
BEBE4B12004 — 3155040, 8113409
EBE4B12005 — 3169521, 8113837
BEBE4B03001—EX631000, RE64866, RE68806
BEBE4B04001 — EX631001, RE63052, RG27869
SE501952,RE68665, RG27867, SE501954
BEBE4B13001 — EX631010, RE504469, RE505318, RG29933, RG33958, SE501953,
BEBE4B14001 — EX631009, RE504468, RE505262, RG29930, RG33957, SE501955
BEBE4B17001 — RE505430, RE505967, RG30742
BEBE4B17002 — RE505207, RE508490, RG31717
BEBE4B17101 — EX631011, RE517660, RE517661, RG33966, SE501956
BEBE4B17102 — EX631012, RE517659, RE517662, RG33967, SE501957
BEBE4B17103 — EX631013, RE517658, RE517663, RG33968, SE501958
BEBE4B15001 — 33800-84000
EBE4B15002 — 33800-84100
BEBE4B15003 — 33800-84001

For below engine

Volvo FH12 FM12 D12A340 D12A420 FH12 D12A420


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