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Bosch Control Valve

Bosch Control Valve

OEM     Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ     50pcs

Bosch control valve

Bosch control valve is the control component in the EFI fuel injector.

It’s a great important part inside the Bosch injector to control the quantity of oil-inlet.

It is widely used in automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

The function of control valve is regulating the high-pressure fuel flow to the injector nozzle, ensuring accurate and precise fuel delivery to the engine’s combustion chamber.


1. Product Introduction of Bosch Control Valve

Bosch control valve is consist of a pin and a valve cap.

The making material is high-speed steel. It is applied to control the oil quantity when injector works.

We export thousands of Bosch control valve per month and have won a good reputation around overseas market.


2. Model List of Bosch Control Valve

1FOORJ 0186565F00VC 01023129F00VC 01013
2FOORJ 0115966F00VC 01033130F00VC 01336
3FOORJ 0156167F00VC 01034131F00VC01378
4F00RJ 0121868F00VC 01035132F00VC 01338
5F00RJ 0217569F00VC 01042133F00VC 01341
6F00RJ 0246670F00VC 01043134F00VC 01342
7F00RJ 0147971F00VC 01044135F00VC 01344
8F00RJ 0153372F00VC 01046136F00VC 01346
9F00RJ 0165773F00VC 01050137F00VC 01347
10F00RJ 0168374F00VC 01053138F00VC 01348
11F00RJ 0169275F00VC 01022139F00VC 01352
12F00RJ 0152276F00VC 01384140F00VC 01380
13F00RJ 0170477F00RJ 02714141F00VC 01354
14F00RJ 0280678F00RJ 02044142F00VC 01386
15F00RJ 0172779F00RJ 03556143F00VC 01355
16F00RJ 0192480F00RJ 01714144F00VC 01357
17F00RJ 0205681F00RJ 02004145F00VC 01358
18F00RJ 0203582F00RJ 01747146F00VC 01359
19F00RJ 0145183F00RJ 01329147F00VC 01360
20F00RJ 0210384F00RJ 01819148F00VC 01363
21F00RJ 0223585F00RJ 02012149F00VC 01364
22F00RJ 0247286F00RJ 02377150F00VC 01365
23F00RJ 0127887F00RJ 02410151F00VC 01367
24F00RJ 0000588F00RJ 02429152F00VC 01368
25F00VC 0100389F00RJ 02449153F00VC 01371
26F00RJ 0021890F00RJ 02506154F00VC 01372
27F00RJ 0112991F00VC 01320155F00VC 01376
28F00RJ 0194192F00VC 01321156F00VC 01379
29F00RJ 0033993F00VC 01333157F00VC 01378
30F00RJ 0194594F00VC 01332158F00VC 01377
31F00RJ 0039995F00VC 01318159F00VC 01353
32F00RJ 0042096F00VC 01313160F00VC 01383
33F00RJ 0083497F00VC 01315161F00ZC 01315
34F00RJ 0245498F00VC 01370162F00ZC 01318
35F00RJ 0100599F00VC 01323163F00ZC 01302
36F00RJ 00375100F00VC 01324164F00ZC 01305
37F00RJ 02213101F00VC 01325165F00ZC 01307
38F00RJ 02266102F00VC 01328166F00ZC 01317
39F00RJ 02278103F00VC 01329167F00VC 01353
40F00RJ 02397104F00VC 01349168F00ZC 01338
41F00VC 01013105F00VC 01340169F00VC 01367
42F00RJ 00995106F00VC 01312170F00RJ 04527
43F00VC 01004107F00VC 01311171F00RJ 04542
44F00VC 01005108F00VC 01345172F00ZC 01306
45F00VC 01011109F00VC 01361173F00ZC 01319
46F00VC 01015110F00VC 01317174F00ZC 01323
47F00VC 01016111F00VC 01301175F00VC 01350
48F00VC 01052112F00VC 01303176F00VC 01336
49F00RJ 01052113F00VC 01306177F00ZC 01355
50F00RJ 01222114F00VC 01309178F00ZC 01361
51F00RJ 01334115F00VC 01310179F00ZC 01363
52F00VC 01356116F00VC 01305180F00ZC 01376
53F00RJ 01428117F00VC 01007181F00RJ 02246
54F00RJ 02005118F00VC 01001182F00RJ 02386
55F00RJ 02067119F00VC 01024183F00VC 01502
56F00RJ 00447120F00VC 01045184F00VC 01542
57F00RJ 01895121F00VC 01051185F00VC 01517
58F00RJ 01176122F00VC 01054186F00VC 01519
59F00RJ 02130123F00ZC 01330187F00VC 01504
60F00VC 01038124F00ZC 01369188F00VC 01543
61F00VC 01036125F00ZC 01312189F00VC 45200
62F00VC 01037126F00VC 01365190F00VC 01201
63F00VC 01057127F00VC 01331191F00VC 45206
64F00VC 01055128F00VC 01334

3.Product advantages of Bosch control valve

① Special high-speed steel material.

② 6 months long product warranty.

③ 24 hours’ after-sales response.


4. FAQ

Q:What’s your stamping and package of Bosch control valve?

A:We can make the stamping and customize the package as customers’ needs.


Q:What’s your Bosch control warranty?

A:6 months using warranty.


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