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Bosch CP2 Fuel Supply Pump Gear Pump 0440020115/0440020081

Bosch CP2 Fuel Supply Pump Gear Pump 0440020115/0440020081

OEM     Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ     50pcs

1.Product Type

Gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump commonly used to move fluids such as oil, fuel, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids in various industrial and automotive applications. Gear pumps operate by trapping fluid between the teeth of rotating gears and the pump housing, then transferring it from the pump inlet to the outlet at a constant rate.

2.Product Model




The Bosch Gear Fuel Pump 0440020045 is a high-pressure diesel fuel pump commonly used in heavy-duty diesel engines. It is designed to deliver fuel at high pressure and with high accuracy to the fuel injectors. The pump has a compact size, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and marine engines. The pump features a durable construction with a hardened steel drive shaft and helical gears for improved efficiency and reduced noise. It also includes a built-in pressure relief valve and a filter screen to protect the injectors from contaminants in the fuel.


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