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CAT C13/C15/C18 Control Valve

OEM                        Available
Sample                    Available
Payment                 PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ               50pcs

1.Product Name

CAT C13/C15/C18 EUI Control Valve


2.Product Introduction

CAT C13/C15/C18 Control Valve is an important part of the fuel injection system in CAT diesel engines. It controls the flow of fuel into the engine cylinders by opening and closing at specific times based on signals from the engine control module (ECM).

The control valve is in charge of controlling the high-pressure fuel supply to the injectors and ensures that the fuel is delivered at the correct pressure and timing. It is located on the fuel pump and consists of a valve stem, valve body, and electrical solenoid.

The solenoid receives signals from the ECM and opens or closes the valve based on the input received. This regulates the flow of fuel into the engine and ensures that the correct amount is injected for optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

CAT C13/C15/C18 Control Valve is manufactured to strict quality standards and is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions in heavy-duty applications. It is a critical component in the fuel injection system and requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.


3.Product Application

CAT C13/C15/C18 Engine


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