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CAT C7/C9 C-9 Solenoid Valve

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Place of Origin  China
The MOQ     50pcs


1.The Introduction of CAT C7/C9/C-9 Solenoid Valve

The Caterpillar C7/C9/C-9 solenoid valve is a type of electromagnetic valve used in the fuel injection system of these engines. It is responsible for controlling the fuel flow to the injectors by opening and closing the valve according to signals received from the engine control module (ECM).

The solenoid valve is typically located on the fuel rail and is responsible for regulating the pressure and flow of fuel to the injectors. It consists of a coil and a plunger, which when energized, creates a magnetic field that moves the plunger to open or close the valve.

In the C7/C9/C-9 engine, the solenoid valve plays a very important role in ensuring that the fuel is delivered to the injectors at the right pressure and time, helping to optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency. It is designed to withstand the high pressure and temperature conditions of the engine compartment and is manufactured to Caterpillar’s high quality standards to ensure reliable and consistent performance.



Caterpillar C7/C9 C-9 Solenoid Valve for Caterpillar C7/C9 And C-9 Engine.

Application Injector Model



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