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Caterpillar 320D Control Valve

OEM                       Available
Sample                  Available
Payment               PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ              50pcs


Caterpillar 320D control valve

1. Introduction of Caterpillar 320D control valve

The CAT 320D control valve is a component of the fuel system that regulates the flow of fuel into the injectors. The control valve is located on the fuel rail and controls the fuel pressure and flow rate to the injectors. It is a solenoid valve that is actuated by an electrical signal from the engine control module (ECM) to control the injection timing and duration. The CAT 320D control valve is designed to operate under high pressure and extreme temperature conditions, ensuring accurate and precise fuel delivery to the engine.

Application: Injector 326-4700. Injector 326-4740

4 Cylinder: 326-4740: 32F61-00060.32F61-00061
6 Cylinder: 326-4700 :32F61-00062


2. Advantages of Caterpillar 320D control valve

1. Reasonable price to promise high cost effective.
2. High technical level to provide high quality.
3. High production processing to make the products same as original.
4. Professional service to solve your after-sales problems.
5. Strong engineer support team.
Q1: How is the quality of your Caterpillar 320D control valve?
A: Our factory supply high-tech diesel engine parts. The appearance, packing and the quality is the best one in China. We have good after-sales service system and you can find our 320D control valve in America, South east Asia and so on.
Q2: How about the price? Could you give me a discount?
 A: The price depends on the quantity, our product is the highest cost-effective.


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