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Cummins XPI Injector Foton Cummins 4307475

Cummins XPI Injector Foton Cummins 4307475

OEM     Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ     50pcs

1.Product Name

Cummins XPI Injector 4307475


2.Product Introduction

The Cummins XPI (eXact Precision Injection) injector 4307475 is a specific model of fuel injector used in Cummins diesel engines. The XPI system is a common-rail fuel injection system developed by Cummins, known for its precision and efficiency in delivering fuel to the combustion chamber.

The XPI injector 4307475 is designed to meet the demands of high-performance and heavy-duty applications. It incorporates advanced engineering and materials to provide accurate fuel metering, efficient atomization, and optimal combustion. Here are some advantages of 4307475.

  1. Common-Rail Technology: The XPI system utilizes a high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery system, which supplies fuel to the injectors at high pressure and precision timing. This allows for better control over the fuel injection process and enhances engine performance.
  2. Electronically Controlled: The XPI injector 4307475 is electronically controlled and operated by the engine’s electronic control module (ECM). The ECM monitors various engine parameters and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly for optimal combustion efficiency and emissions control.
  3. Precision Fuel Metering: The XPI injector 4307475 is engineered to provide precise fuel metering, ensuring the right amount of fuel is injected into the combustion chamber for efficient combustion and power output. This contributes to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  4. Enhanced Atomization: The injector is designed to deliver fuel in a finely atomized spray pattern, promoting better mixing with air and maximizing combustion efficiency. This helps achieve optimal power and performance while minimizing fuel consumption.
  5. Durable Construction: The XPI injector 4307475 is built to withstand the demanding conditions within the engine. It is made from high-quality materials that can endure high pressures, temperatures, and the rigors of long-term engine operation.


3.Product Application

Engine Model ISG QSG Foton Cummins QSL 11L,13L (small valve seat)


4.Product Part

    Nozzle Model 5406060FSW/P4307083FSW


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