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Diesel Common Rail Injector Fuel Collector Flip Fixture Used on Test Bench

Diesel Common Rail Injector Fuel Collector Flip Fixture Used on Test Bench

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1. it using set on test bench to fix injector.

2. use as the fuel collector.

3.applied to all electrical injectors,including bos-sch,de-nsso,delp-hii and regular injectors.

4. strong material.

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A Diesel Common Rail Injector Fuel Collector Flip Fixture is a specialized tool used in the maintenance, testing, and calibration of common rail diesel fuel injectors. Common rail injectors are a crucial component in modern diesel engines, delivering precisely metered fuel at high pressure to the combustion chamber. The fuel collector flip fixture is designed to facilitate efficient and accurate testing of these injectors by collecting and measuring the fuel delivery from multiple injectors simultaneously.

the key features and functions of a Diesel Common Rail Injector Fuel Collector Flip Fixture includes

  1. Collector Design: The fixture typically consists of a sturdy base with multiple channels or compartments designed to collect fuel from individual common rail injectors. These channels are precisely engineered to ensure proper alignment with the injectors and efficient collection of fuel without leaks or spills.
  2. Flip Mechanism: The fixture includes a flip mechanism that allows the user to easily rotate or flip the collector assembly. This feature enables technicians to quickly switch between collecting fuel from different injectors without the need for manual repositioning or adjustments.
  3. Sealing: Each channel or compartment in the collector is equipped with seals or O-rings to prevent fuel leaks and maintain a controlled testing environment. Proper sealing ensures accurate measurement of fuel delivery rates and prevents contamination between different injector samples.
  4. Mounting: The fixture is designed to securely mount onto a test bench or workbench, providing stability during testing procedures. It may include mounting holes or clamps for easy attachment to the testing equipment.
  5. Compatibility: Fuel collector flip fixtures are engineered to accommodate various common rail injector models from different manufacturers. They may feature interchangeable components or adjustable settings to ensure compatibility with a wide range of injectors.
  6. Measurement and Analysis: Some fixtures may include built-in measurement capabilities or provisions for connecting to external measurement devices. This allows technicians to accurately quantify the fuel delivery rates from each injector and analyze the performance of the injectors individually or as a group.


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