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External Type Common Rail Pump Test Bench PFT105

External Type Common Rail Pump Test Bench PFT105

OEM     Available

Payment PayPal,Western Union,T/T

Place of Origin China



1% System Testing Precision

  1. ± 1 Mpa Rail Pressure Stable Controlled,Maximum: 180 Mpa
  2. Imported Precision Gear Flow Meter + Special Flow Separation Control
  3. ± 2 ℃ Precision Testing Oil Control System



8 Years focused on Common Rail Testing

  1. 7″ Industrial Touch Screen,embedded operating system,Modular design,suitable for variety hard maintenance and environment
  2. First class of Domestic and foreign brands of components used,all new components used
  3. Expert level R&D team,High standard of production quality control


Reliability=Saving Money

No failure is lowest cost

  1. Reasonable structure,modular design
  2. 1 year free warranty,all life repair service
  3. 24 hours fast response



Easy maintenance,Easy operation,High efficiency

  1. 600 types of Common Rail Pump data+Customizable Function,Bosch/Denso/Delphi
  2. 5 μm filtering precision,convenient maintenance
  3. Original mechanical test bench only provides speed driving,all lines and pipes no need any modification,plug and play


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