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HEUI and Common Rail Integrated Test Bench 326S

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Place of Origin      China

Test Medium-pressure Common Rail Injector

Standard Functions

All HEUI injector can be tested
Engine oil/diesel leakage can be detected
The sofrware controls the oil supply switch
HEUI has a separate diesel pump for fuel supply
Oil pressure can be adjusted manual or automatic

First,sealing test
1.Diesel static sealing
2.Engine oil static sealing
3.Dynamic oil return amount

Second,fuel injection amount test
1.Max fuel injection test
2.Medium speed injector test
3.Idle fuel injection test
4.Pre-injection fuel test
5.Start the fuel injection amount test
6.Oil return amount under various working conditions

Test High-pressure Common Rail Injector

Standard Functions

Test common rail injectors
Test the piezo fuel injectors
Bosch IQA code generation
Real-time display injection/return curves

Optional Functions

Test the 4-pin injector
Denso injector QR code
Siemens VDO-IIC coding
Delphi C2i,C3i coding
Bosch piezo IMA,ISA coding
Cummins injector correction code

Technical Paramenters

Output4KW/5.5 KW
Speed Control ModelFrequency Converter
Power3-Phase 4-Wire 380V 50/60HZ
Cooling SystemAir Cooling (Air Conditioning Optional)
Rail Pressure0-2700 Bar
Rail Pressure Precision±5 Bar
Nozzle SensorGear Flow Sensor 2pcs
Engine Oil SensorGear Flow Sensor 1pc
Diesel Tank Volume20L Filtration Accuracy:3 μm
Oil Tank Volume20L Filtration Accuracy:5 μm
Filter Precision150 Bar
Fuel Temperature40±2℃
ECU Intemal Boost0-200 VDC (Max)
Control Circuit VoltageDC 24V /DC 12V
Dimensions1450*1050*1650 mm
Net Weight610 kg


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