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HEUI Test Bench

test CAT C7,C9 ,C-9 and 3126 series injector,pump


1.Product Introduction

HEUI injector test bench is applied to repair CAT C7,C9 ,C-9 and 3126 series injector,pump.

Diesel Fuel Pressure Regulating and Displayed

Engine Fuel Pressure Regulating and Displayed

Can edit the Driving Specification

Applied to signal pump injector, which is drive by engine oil pressure

Main specifications.

Motor Power: 4KW

Diesel Fuel Motor Power:0.37KW

Engine Fuel Motor Power:2.2KW

Motor Speed:1000rpm

Driving Currency of the Injector(Max):28A

Injection Time:100~3000µs

Pressure Regulating Range:0~300bar

Oil Pressure adjustment rang: 50~300bar

Test oil pressure:0~5bar

Engine oil tank: 20L, filtration precision:5μm

Test fuel tank: 40L, filtration precision: 3μm

Injection pulse width: 100-3000μs

Flow test range: 0-30ML

Temperature control range: 40±2℃

2. Advantages of HEUI test bench

(1) Easy operation with high testing accuracy.

(2) Designed by professional engineers from OEM factory.

(3) One to one after-sales support service.


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