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Mpfi Gasoline Injector Tester Low Pressure

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Place of Origin          China

Product Introduction

An MPFI (Multi-Point Fuel Injection) Gasoline Injector Tester is a specialized device used to test and diagnose fuel injectors in multi-point fuel injection systems commonly found in gasoline-powered vehicles. MPFI systems use individual fuel injectors for each cylinder, delivering precise amounts of fuel directly into the intake manifold or cylinder ports.

Integration of advanced control technology and environmental concepts Cleaning, test and simulation of Automotive injectors.
●Multifunctionality: Direct flush, Reverse flush, Ultrasonic cleaning, On-vehicle cleaning, Spray test,Equilibrium test,Leakage test, Flow test, Automotive cleaning-test function.
●Test 6 injectors in one time
●Injector fuel distribution and delivery checking;
●Multilanguage applicable including English,Spanish,Arabic.
●LED display with clear menu and easy operation;
●Wide models can be tested with stable performance and reliable data;
●Liquid in tube drain back to tank automatically;
●Separated ultrasonic bath(Installed in cabinet);
●Optional:Special adapter for MONO & Side-feed injector;
●Packed inside dolly when shipped,CBM save
** Power supply: AC220V/110V ±10%,50/60Hz;
** Input power: 250W;
** Ultrasonic cleaner power: 100W,25KHz; ** Simulated RPM range: 10000rpm; step: 50rpm;
** Injection time: 0~600sec, step 1sec
** Time range: 10000s(adjustable)
** Pulse width: 0-20ms; step 0.1 ms;
** Test liquid tank volume: 4L ** Testing tube volume: 120ml
** Dimensions:Carton 62*53*74cm=0.243cbm ** G.W.:45kg


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