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Pencil Injector

OEM          Available
Sample      Available
Payment    PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin   China
The MOQ    50pcs


1.Product Introduction

A pencil injector, also known as a pintle injector or single-hole injector, is a type of fuel injector used in some diesel engines. It is named for its pencil-like shape and typically features a single fuel delivery hole at the end, hence the term “single-hole injector.”

The design of a pencil injector is relatively simple compared to other fuel injection systems. It consists of a nozzle with a pintle valve, which is a needle-like valve that controls the flow of fuel through the injector. When the injector is energized, the pintle valve lifts, allowing pressurized fuel to spray through the single hole at the tip of the injector.

Pencil injectors are commonly found in older diesel engines and are known for their robustness and simplicity. They are often used in applications where precise fuel control and advanced fuel atomization are not as critical as in modern common rail or unit injector systems. Pencil injectors tend to have larger droplet sizes and may not provide as fine control over fuel delivery.

2.Product Model List

Stanadyne 20494AR50781 AR50783John Deere 3020 4000 4020 4040 4230 500 500a 500b 500c 510
22042AR88239 AR88236300 Series
26993RE31757 RE37503300 Series (TURBO & AFTERCOOLED)
27333AR89563 AR89564300 Series (N.A.),4219D
27336AR90023 AR90024300 Series (Turbo)
28481RE36935 RE36936300 Series (N.A. RCP Cyl Head)
28485RE38037 RE36939300 Series (Turbo RCP Cyl Head)
29279RE44508 RE487866068H (Mini sac for Combine)
32262RE57469 RE600624045D 6068D
26632894F9K546ABB 894F9E527ABBFord Transit 2,5 DI, 70k
26964894F9K546ACC 894F9E527ACAFord Transit 2,5 DI, 80k
28682924F9E527CAFord Transit 2,5 DI, 70k
33405954F9E527AC 954F9K546ACFord Transit 2,5 DI, 70k
33406954F9E527BC 954F9K546BCFord Transit 2,5 DI, 76k
33407954F9E527CCFord Transit 2,5 TDI, 85k
33408954F9E527DC 954F9K546DCFord Transit 2,5 TDI, 100k
33704974F9K546CB 974F9E527CBFord Transit 2,5 DI, 70k
33706974F9K546DB 974F9E527DBFord Transit 2,5 DI, 76k
33708974F9E527ADFord Transit 2,5 TDI, 85k
33710974F9K546FB 974F9E527FBFord Transit 2,5 TDI, 100k

3.Our advantages and services

1.We have advanced equipment and technique.

2.Full testing machines.

3.Very strong technical capabilities.

4.We have large production scale and modern management.

5.Our products had a good sale in the Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, East Asia and USA.

6.Our team can speak English and Arabic languages.

7.Professional inspection department to guarantee quality.

8.Best price, best service and high quality.

9.We have a good reputation with our clients.

10.If you have any question please feel free to contact us.


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