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SCR Urea Pump Tester

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SCR urea pump tester is perfectly compatible with Windows and Android operating system. The test software can be installed on any Windows and Android device.

SCR urea pump tester can automatically identify the connected test equipment, and can turn on/off this function in the system settings,Available in two form factors.


Urea Pump Tester.jpg

1.main interface

1)nterface can select urea pump, sensor, system settings, online upgrade, user manual functions

2)Urea pump model selection interface, you can choose different urea pumps for testing

3)Sensor selection interface, different sensors can be selected for testing

2.Urea pump test

1)Functional testing


Urea pump will stop function test in standby mode

B)Pre injection pressure build-up

After clicking the “pre-injection pressure” button, the SCR controller will carry out the operation of air evacuation and pressure establishment in the pipeline.

C)Clean (purge)

After testing, before dismantling the urea pipeline, you need to click the “Clean (Purge)” button. The SCR controller will control the urea pump to perform the cleaning operation, and the urea pump and urea solution in the pipeline will be purged into the urea box.

D)Large/Medium/Small Flow Injection

After successful pressure building, click “large flow injection”, “medium flow injection” and “small flow injection” to observe the injection of urea solution.

1Component testing

Component testing can only be done in standby mode

2Message hint

Display error, warning, prompt and fault information, etc.

3.Nitrogen and Oxygen Sensor Testing

1)After connecting the oxynitride sensor, click the “Start” button to start the test. Nitrogen and oxygen sensors will be heated first. After about one minute, they will be heated to a certain temperature and stop heating. The oxygen concentration and nitrogen oxide concentration around the sensor will be

measured. The whole testing process is 5 minutes.

2)Whether the nitrogen and oxygen sensor is damaged or not can be judged according to the measured “oxygen concentration (%)” and “NO x (ppm)”. In air environment, the oxygen

concentration is about 20%, and the range of NO x ppm is 0-30.

Note: When testing the nitrogen and oxygen sensor, it will be heated automatically. It is strictly forbidden to touch the metal part of the sensor to avoid scalding. Do not splash water or liquid on the sensor to avoid damaging the sensor

4.Measurement of Liquid Level/Temperature Sensor

1)The liquid level and temperature sensor are used to measure the resistance value of the sensor, and then convert it into urea temperature and liquid level height.

2)When testing the liquid level sensor, the sensor can be removed from the urea box and slid the float manually. At the same time, whether the liquid level resistance changes or not can be observed.

5.Testing of Exhaust Temperature Sensor

1)Android version software connects SCR controller via Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection steps:

A)Click the “Scan” button to scan peripheral Bluetooth devices

B)After selecting the device in the Bluetooth device list, click the Connection Button. For the first pairing, you need to input PIN code (1234)

2)Windows version software connects SCR controller via USB cable or Bluetooth

7.Online Upgrades

Both applications and firmware support online upgrades.

8.User’s Manual

The interface can slide left and right to turn pages.


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