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Transfer Pump Rotor Nut

OEM         Available
Sample      Available
Payment    PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin   China
The MOQ    50pcs

1.Product Introduction

A transfer pump rotor is a component of a diesel fuel injection system that is responsible for creating the pumping action that moves fuel from the fuel tank to the injection pump.

It consists of a circular rotor with vanes or blades that rotate inside a cylindrical housing, creating a vacuum that draws fuel from the tank and then pressurizes it to be delivered to the injection pump.

The transfer pump rotor is driven by a camshaft or an eccentric shaft, which ensures that it rotates at the proper speed and timing to deliver fuel at the correct pressure and volume for optimal engine performance.


2.Product Model

No.Part number


3.Product Application

Delphi Lucas CAV Tractor


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