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Unit Pump

OEM          Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin   China
The MOQ    50pcs


Product Model List

15460-503-54thinhigh pressure section L 245
Motorpal 382
Unit Pump Model 60-503-54
25760-503-59thinUnit Pump Model 60-503-59
34960-503-49thinUnit Pump Model 60-503-49
468/8260-503-82thickhigh pressure section D 260
Motorpal 355
EM10PI-68 KA382
for Four-cylinder Engine D2455S2 Engine, Plunger φ10mm Flat stamp 68/53
Unit Pump Model 60503-82
58960-503-89thickUnit Pump Model 60-503-89
67160-403‑71thickEM10PI-71 PY389
for Six-cylinder Engine D260 Engine,Plunger φ10mm Flat stamp
Unit Pump Model 60-403-71


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