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VE Pump Roller Base

VE Pump Roller Base

OEM     Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ     50pcs

1.Product Name VE Pump Roller Base


The VE pump roller base is a component of the VE (distributor-type) fuel injection pump used in diesel engines.

The roller base is a part of the cam follower mechanism that converts the rotary motion of the camshaft into linear motion of the plunger, which is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine’s cylinders.

The roller base has a roller that moves along the camshaft’s lobes, which pushes the plunger to the desired position to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel.

It is a critical component in the fuel injection system, and any wear or damage to the roller base can affect engine performance and efficiency.

The roller base is typically made of high-quality materials,   hardened steel to ensure durability and long service life.


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