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Common Rail and HEUI injector Test Bench IFT308

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IFT308 Common Rail and HEUI injector Test Bench


  1. Used for Common Rail Injector, including Piezo and Coding Function.
  2. Used for CAT C7,C9, 3126B HEUI Injector testing.
  3. Common rail injector test bench
  4. Bosch IQA code generation
  5. IQA code can customize the fuel injection amount per process without repairing the injector
  6. Injector armature stroke lift test
  7. Rail pressure max to 2600 bar
  8. The working oil temperature is not higher than 42 ℃ for 24 hours.
  9. High reliability of equipment, no failure throughout the year
  10. Response time test
  11. Solenoid valve resistance test
  12. Solenoid valve inductance test
  13. Turn on pulse width test
  14. Turn on pressure test

Main specification

  1. Voltage: 220V/380V
  2. Phase number: single phase / three phas
  3. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  4. Current: 30A (Max)
  5. Motor power: 5.5/2.2Kw
  6. Oil temperature control: heating / strong cooling wind
  7. Oil temperature setting: 40
  8. Ambient temperature: <35℃
  9. Maximum common rail pressure: 180-240Mpa
  10. Common rail pump: Bosch CP3.3
  11. Control loop voltage: DC24V/DC12V
  12. ECU internal boost: 0-200VDC (Max)
  13. Test mailbox volume: 19 liters
  14. Noise level: <85db
  15. Weight: 350KG
  16. Net size: 140*78*158cm
  17. Packing size: 150*85*165cm

Test items

  1. all common rail injectors
  2. Piezo injector
  3. all HEUI injectorsFirst, the sealing test
  4. Oil static sealing
  5. Diesel static sealing
  6. Dynamic oil return
  7. Second, the fuel injection test
  8. VL injection test
  9. Medium speed fuel injection tes
  10. LL injection test
  11. VE injection test
  12. Start fuel injection test


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