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Cummins Injector Fuel Supply Connector 2894829

Cummins Injector Fuel Supply Connector 2894829

OEM     Available
Sample     Available
Payment     PayPal,Western Union,T/T
Place of Origin     China
The MOQ     50pcs

The Cummins Injector Fuel Supply Connector is a component used in diesel engines, particularly in fuel injection systems. It’s designed to facilitate the connection between the fuel supply line and the injectors, ensuring a reliable flow of fuel to the engine’s combustion chambers.

The Cummins Injector Fuel Supply Connector 2894829 is used primarily for XPI fuel systems on EPA13 Automotive 15 liter ISX/QSX engines.

Function: The Injector Fuel Supply Connector serves as a vital link between the high-pressure fuel system and the individual injectors within a diesel engine. Its primary function is to deliver pressurized fuel to the injectors, allowing them to atomize the fuel and deliver it into the combustion chambers for efficient combustion.


  1. Connector Design: The connector is engineered to securely attach to the fuel supply line and the injector’s inlet. It ensures a leak-free and stable connection under high-pressure conditions.
  2. Materials: These connectors are typically made from materials that can withstand the high-pressure and temperature conditions within the engine compartment. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, or other durable alloys.
  3. Sealing Mechanism: Proper sealing is crucial to prevent fuel leaks and maintain the correct pressure in the fuel system. The connector might incorporate specialized seals, o-rings, or gaskets to ensure a tight seal.
  4. Quick Connect Technology: Some connectors may employ quick-connect technology, making installation and removal more efficient. This is particularly beneficial during maintenance or repair procedures.
  5. Electrical Components (if applicable): In modern diesel engines, some injectors might be electronically controlled. In such cases, the connector could also carry electrical signals to communicate with the injectors and the engine control unit (ECU).

Importance: The Injector Fuel Supply Connector is a critical component in ensuring proper fuel delivery and combustion efficiency. A well-designed connector helps maintain consistent fuel pressure and flow, which in turn affects engine performance, emissions, and fuel economy.


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