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D8 Diagnostic Scanner for 24V Diesel Truck

OEM              Available

Payment                   PayPal,Western Union,T/T

Place of Origin        China


Basic Functions & Specific Functions

A diagnostic scanner, also known as a car diagnostic tool or OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) scanner, is a device used to communicate with and retrieve diagnostic information from a vehicle’s onboard computer systems. These scanners are essential tools for automotive technicians, mechanics, and car owners to diagnose and troubleshoot various issues with a vehicle’s engine, transmission, emissions system, and other electronic components.

Readout DTC, Readout Engine Model, Readout Computer Edition Information,Readout QR code, Readout System parameter number, Readout Data Stream,Clear DTC, Read-in QR Code, Component test, Break Cylinder Test,Compression Test, Injector Test, Maintenance Help, Study on line and so on.


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