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DPF Intelligent Regeneration Furnace

Function Introduction

Monitoring Function Power supply voltage and fault alarm
Safety The power is cut off when the furnace door is opende
Furnace Cavity Material High-quality stainless steel plates
Effective Insulation Aluminum silicate fiber board insulation material,high temperature resistance and efficient heat insulation
Energy saving and high efficiency The insulation layer material saves 30% electricity than ordinary fiber materials and regeneration effect is increased by more than 20 %


It is strictly prohibited to use when the power supply voltage is unbalanced
It is prohibited to cover then smoke exhaust vents to avoid fire hazards
Protective measures should be taken when handing products to avoid burns
The equipment must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use
This equipment has no explosion-proof device and it is strictly prohibited to put flammable and explosive items in it
The equipment needs to be placed in a well-ventilated area,away from flammable and explosive materials

Technical Parameters

Power3-Phase 380V AC
Set Temperature0-900 ℃
Working Temperature550-700 ℃
Net Weight500 kg
Oven Size1000*1100*800 mm
Dimensions1780*1200*1700 mm
Pcking Size1950*1350*1800 mm


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