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DPF Regeneration Station Set

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Place of Origin China



Temperature control range: 300℃~650℃Regeneration time: about 120 minPressure control range: 4~8 barPurging time: about 15 min

The DPF regeneration station set is a combination of two sets of equipment, DPF regeneration station + DPF automatic purge station. Among them, the DPF regeneration station is the post-processing system DPF high temperature, which fully burns the internal carbon deposits, oil and other impurities in the DPF through the high temperature; and the DPF automatic purge station is the auxiliary DPF regeneration station to purge the carbon deposits and Ash content, improve the combustion effect and have the function of testing the pressure difference.

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1) Hot air heating, higher heat transfer efficiency;

2) High temperature regeneration + purge, the regeneration efficiency is as high as 95%;

3) Good sealing performance and high precision of differential pressure test;

4) It comes with a high-efficiency filter vacuum cleaner, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free;

5) Automatic blowing, saving manpower, safe, reliable and portable;

6) The size of the purge carrier is adjustable;

7) Test processing results with big data.


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