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LCR Tester

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A.Function introduction

Detect the inductance and resistance of various electromagnetic injectors, EUI/EUP, ZME and DRV valves;

Detect the capacitance and resistance of piezoelectric injector and piezo EUI/EUP;

Automatically calculate Q value of quality factor;

The error range of each parameter can be set;

Can add thousands of standard data;

5-inch color touch screen;

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use;

It can be used as a general digital bridge;


B.Wiring instruction

As shown below, the two sets of wires are not in sequence, respectively connected to Lc, Ls, and Hs, Hc,

Lc and Ls are not polar, and Hs and Hc are not polarized.

The same group of wires cannot be connected to L and one to H.


C.Button and interface description

ENTER: On/Off button, when no external power supply is needed, press and hold Enter to turn the phone on and off;

SELECT:Select and cancel selected icons;

:Moving the cursor; USB:Upgrade reserved interface;

DC: External power supply DC 9~12V;


Operating instructions:


Model Search: Click “model search” on the home page, Enter the model search page,

as shown below,Click the blank space behind the model, the keyboard will pop up, enter the model to be tested, and then click enter in the lower right corner, Return to the model search page, and click the search button to search for the matching model, If you do not enter the model, click search directly and all models will be displayed;

First select the model to be tested, then click the “Measure” button in the lower left corner of the screen to enter the value measurement page;


Numerical   measurement:

a、R, L, Q: display the current measured value;

b、Error: the difference ratio between the current test value and the currently set standard data;

c、Test status: During measurement, the test is completed;

d、Measurement result: within the allowable error range, display pass,

exceed the allowable error, display Fail; e、Edit: Go to the Edit Data page;

f、Measurement record: display the previous test record, such as testing the same group of 6 injectors, after all tests are completed,Click

“Measurement Record” to see the test values of 6 injectors at the same time; g、Back: Return to the home page;


New data:

Can input model, brand, type, R / LC allowable deviation, R / LC standard data, Q value,

Q value is only for reference, not for judgment, so there is no deviation setting; If a qualified injector has been connected at present, click “record” in the lower left corner, and the R / LC data will be recorded automatically,

Click Save to save it in the database, and it can be called directly next time;


system settings:

Result determination: on: the test result will determine pass or fail;

Close: test result is not determined;

System language: switch between Chinese and English, click the back button to take effect; The customer is not recommended to change other settings;



Q:Why is the resistance, capacitance, inductance measured by digital bridge different from that measured by multimeter?

A:The digital bridge measures the AC value (frequency 1kHz), and the multimeter measures the DC value (0Hz);


Q: Which value of R, l, C, q is the most important?

A: For electromagnetic components, the inductance and resistance are generally measured, mainly depending on the inductance;

For piezoelectric components, capacitance and resistance values are generally measured, mainly depending on the capacitance;

The Q value is the quality factor, which is used as a measurement result to assist judgment. Normal use does not require attention.

Professional users can be used to determine the nuances of components.

More professional introductions to R, L, C, and Q can be found in the relevant professional materials.;


Q:Why are some new parts, test data and standard data deviated?

A: The tester does not calibrate the standard data of all models.

If there is any deviation, you can edit and modify the standard data.


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