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Rail Pressure Diagnoser RPD100

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Place of Origin           China

RPD-100 Rail Pressure Diagnoser is the updated design to test rail pressure sensors by Bosch, Denso and Delphi for common rail diesel engines.

RPD-100 can be used to diagnose common rail diesel engine faults with no interference to engine ECU during engine running by the site of a fault vehicle. There will be no longer any need to use a troublesome mechanical gauge to monitor rail pressure.

This instrument is a powerful indispensable tool for repair technicians to diagnose ECU, fuel system and rail pressure sensor for a common rail engine with problems, such as difficult to start or lack of power.


Design Features

a.Compact and easy to use

b.Test Bosch rail pressure sensors made by

c.Bosch, 0-2000bar

d.Denso, 0-2000bar

e.Delphi, 0-2000bar

f.Rail pressure sensor signal feeds to both RAD-100 and engine ECU. So that rail pressure is monitored in real time without affecting engine ECU operation.

g.Measure the engine ECU +5V power supply for the rail pressure sensor

h.Over-pressure warning

i.Powered by 3.7V lithium battery

j.Battery low and level indication

k.Lithium batteries can be recycled

l.A full set of accessories, including harnesses for Bosch, Denso, Delphi sensors, and battery charger

The following common rail engine faults can be determined based on the test results by the RAP-100 Rail Pressure Diagnoser

a.Whether the ECU +5V power supply is normal or not

b.Whether the rail pressure signal circuitin in ECU is normal or not

c.Whether the rail pressure sensor has fault or not

d.No sufficient rail pressure during the engine starts is an indication of faults on the engine fuel system, especially low pressure circuit or high pressure pump



Use Description

LCD item:


1.rail pressure

2.battery level

3.ECU out voltage

4.rail type

KEY function:

MODE: Select a different rail type

LIGHT:   Open or close the backlight

POWER:   Power on or power off the device


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