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320D Pump Tester

OEM                 Available

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Place of Origin           China


The 320D pump testercan test Caterpillar 320D common rail pumps, HEUI pumps and other common rail pumps.

  1. Can save the test model, test conditions and standard testdata;
  2. Can test common rail injectors and HEUI injectors;
  3. Built-inflow meter (optional),
  4. can test the pump flow.

1)     Poweron into the selection page of the oil pump type, and select CAT320D   pump or   HEUIand common rail pump.

2)    click the right upper corner icon toenter the language selection page, and provide Chinese, English and Russianthree choices.

3)    CAT320D pump test page:Test conditions: cam speed, setting pressure, pulse width, angle,standard oil can be changed.;

Count is the test time, andit can also be set according to need.

Cam type: optional 4 cylinderor 6 cylinder.

4)   Click model input bar, enter themodel selection page.:

On model selection page, youcan add and delete models,password,123

After adding the new pump model,click ok entering the test page, the test conditions and standard data can beedited again.

5)    click the settings button on thetest page to enter the parameter settings page,

Flowmeter coefficient, railpressure sensor parameters, solenoid valve driving parameters and PID (pressurerising speed) can be set.

6)   After the setting is completed,connect the plug and you can start testing.

a、     start the motor, adjust the speedand the set cam speed;

b、    After the speed is stable, click Startsand the test starts;

c、     Observe the pressure and flow ofeach working condition;

7) Common rail injector and HEUIinjector test:

a.   Test conditions: pressure, injectionfrequency, pulse width,

standard fuel quantity can bechanged;

The firstline shows the actual pressure, flow rate and counting time;

The count isthe test time, and it can also be set as required;

The setparameters can be saved.

a.   Injector test setting page:

This page can set the coefficient of the flow meter, thecoefficient of the rail pressure sensor, the driving parameters of the fuelinjector, the PID of the DRV,And the types of DRV and ZME

8) HEUI and commonrail pump test page

This page only provides an openloop test.

Startthe motor, click the start button, change the current of ZME and DRV, observethe pressure change;

If it is a normally closed pump, ZME currentadjusted to the minimum then sratr motor;

If it is a normally open pump, ZME currentadjusted to the maximum, then start motor;


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