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CRI201 High Pressure Common Rail Injector Tester

OEM                Available

Payment                     PayPal,Western Union,T/T

Place of Origin          China


Ⅰ.Support magnetic and piezo injectors(BOSCH, DENSO,DELPHI, PIZEO, CAT-L,CAT-H, Caterpillar);

Ⅱ.Overcurrent and short circuit protection

Ⅲ.Support magnetic injector impedance measurement;

Ⅳ.On-board temperature sensor, overheat protection;

Ⅴ.Record number of users

Ⅵ.Customizable boot LOGO;

Ⅶ.According to customer demand for customized software interface, operation, chassis appearance;

1 Accessories and Interface Description

1.1 Check the accessories

After receiving the goods, please open the box and check box items are consistent with the packing list immediately if any parts are missing, please contact the service personnel.

1.2 Chassis Interface

Electromagnetic injector end (2-pin):

Description Air outlet side


Injector drive pin1
Injector drive pin2


Piezo injector end (4-pin):

Description Air outlet side


Injector drive pin1 –
Injector drive pin2 +
Empty pin3
Empty pin4


Count switch terminal (3-pin):

Description Air outlet side


Count Normally open pin1
Counting common pin2
Counting Normally close pin3


2 Operating Instruction

2.1 Chassis pan


2.2 Basic operation

2.2.1 Display interface


1、Select the type of injector:


2、Current Injector conditions:


3、the injector count method:

T: according to the number of counts;

4、injector counting time:

T :0-2000 times

5、injection signs: icon display indicates the beginning of the injector fuel injection;   6、pulse width: 100 ~ 3000uS;

7、injection frequency: 1 ~ 30Hz

8、the count flag: Icon display indicates the injector start counting;

2.2.2 、Key Features   ON/OFF button:

On / Off Injector;   COUNTE button:

Start / stop counting.

When the number is 0, the injector has been working, do not stop; MODE button:

A, short press MODE button to switch to a different injector conditions;


B., long press the MODE button to switch between test patterns and resistance injector test mode;(Valid only in the injection stopped)

C,After entering the resistance test mode, connect the injector first, and press the ON/OFF button once. After 2 seconds, the resistance of the injector will be displayed on the screen. The unit is milliohm.

If it is found that the measured resistance deviates greatly from the actual resistance, it should be calibrated.

Calibration method: In the resistance measurement interface, directly short-circuit the two clips of the injector, and then short-press the “Counte” key. A “#” symbol will appear at the upper right of the screen. After this symbol disappears, calibration is completed.

Screen listing shows 0 mohm. ADJ knob:

Consists of two parts function   A. Common parameter settings

The first step,   Short press down to select the setting of the project, there is a corresponding position cursor display, divided into: Injector brand choice / count value / width / frequency, cycle through the four setting items, the current cursor location for the selected projects;

The second step,Rotate Left or Rotate Right, modify the current value of the item.

3 About maintenance responsibility

1.Under normal use, due to product quality issues, free repair within one year;

2.Due to the non-2normal use, causing damage to the product, the user bear the maintenance costs;

3.The product life-long maintenance, a year later, users bear the maintenance costs.


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