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CRI250 Pizo Injector Comprehensive Tester

CRI250 Pizo Injector Comprehensive Tester

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Place of Origin China


1.Function introduction

The following parameters can be measured:

a.Pizo crystal resistance;

b.Pizo crystal capacitor;

c.Insulation resistance of pizo injector;

d.Pizo crystal dynamic lift;

e.Drive pizo injector.


2.Product Instruction

A.Front view:



1.ON/OFF Knob

a.Press the ON/OFF knob:

Run or stop,

The lower right corner of the screen shows the current status:ON/OFF;

b.Turn the ON/OFF knob left and right:

In mode 1, 3, 4, adjustable voltage value: 0 ~ 178V;

In mode 5, the pulse width can be adjusted; 0 ~ 5000us

2.MODE Knob

1.Press the MODE knob: Enter the submenu, or return to the main menu;

2.In mode 5 rotate the MODE knob left or right to adjust the injection frequency 1 ~ 100Hz;

B.Back view:

①Power socket: AC: 100-240V;

②Piezo injector drive harness;

3.Warranty Policy

A、normal use, due to product quality problems, free maintenance within one year;

B、If the product is damaged due to abnormal use, the user shall bear the cost of maintenance;

C、product lifetime maintenance, beyond the warranty period, the user bears the cost of maintenance costs.


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