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CRI100 High Pressure Common Rail Injector Tester

OEM         Available

Payment               PayPal,Western Union,T/T

Place of Origin    China


Ⅰ.Support magnetic and piezo injectors (BOSCH, DENSO,DELPHI, PIZEO, CAT);

Ⅱ.Overcurrent and short circuit protection;

1、 Brief introduction

CRI100 high-pressure common rail injector tester function is used to drive common rail injector, while providing Bosch, Denso, Delphi and other common rail injector control signal to drive the high-pressure common rail injector to work, drive signal parameters can be carried out by the user according to their actual situation, and can be saved grouped for easy maintenance personnel to high-pressure common rail injector in working condition to judge different conditions and maintenance.

2、Check the accessories

After receiving the goods, please open the box and check box items are consistent with the packing list immediately if any parts are missing, please contact the service personnel. 3、Operating Instructions

Front view


a、 ON/OFF,Turn on and off injector drivers;

b、 ADJ,Move cursor or modify parameters;


Back view

a、 spare jack;

b、injector harness;

b、 24V power

4、Basic operation

Press the ADJ button to move the cursor up and down,

Rotate the ADJ button left and right to adjust the parameters of the cursor’s rows, Press the ON/OFF button to turn on or off the fuel injector drive


a、 injector type Type: (BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI,CAT,PIEZO);

b、 injection frequency Freq:1~30Hz;

c、 injection pulse width Width:0~6000us;

d、 setting test points Point: (VL,TL,LL,VE)

5、after-sales service

a.Under normal use, due to product quality issues, free repair within one year;

b.Due to the non-b.normal use, causing damage to the product, the user bear the maintenance costs;

c.The product life-long maintenance, a year later, users bear the maintenance costs.


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