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BIP Tester

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Place of Origin China


BIP tester, equipped with corresponding fixtures, can test the response time of various common rail injectors, HEUI injectors, EUI/EUP injectors, high test accuracy and good repeatability.


1)Install the tested injector to the special oil collector;

2)Connect BIP sensor plug;


3) Connect Unidirectional valve, please pay attention to the direction;


4) Connect the injector drive signal harness;


5)Connect the BIP tester ground wire to the ground wire of the test bench control host.

Not connected to the test bench housing;

(The ground wire of the tester can also be connected with the negative pole of the switching power supply supplied by the main control system of the test bench);

6)Plug in the power of the BIP tester.;

7)Start the test bench. When the pressure is stable, the response time will be displayed on the BIP tester screen.;

8)The lower left corner of the BIP tester displays the frequency of the fuel injector tested, and the response time is displayed in the upper right corner;


9) to ensure that the response time test is more accurate,

The pulse width of the injector is set to be greater than 500us, the common rail pressure is greater than 80Mpa, and the frequency is less than 40Hz.


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