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Common Rail Injector tester with LCD monitor CRS600-1

OEM          Available

Payment                PayPal,Western Union,T/T

Place of Origin     China


A.Product Model


B.Product Application

  1. Used for BOSCH CRI and CRIN common rail injector;
  2. DENSO G2, G3, G4 common rail injector , DELPHI common rail injector;
  3. Siemens VDO common rail injector;
  4. Caterpillar 320D common rail injector;
  5. all BOSCH and Denso Piezo Pizo common rail injector (optional);

C.Product Description

  1. Complete testing function for all common rail injector;
  2. Precision testing and checking same as OEM factory;
  3. Stable running on 48 hours, no need stop;
  4. Reliability for long time, its not change.
  5. Including all popular common rail injector data. Also customization is availabl.
  6. Online data update is available.
  7. Quick Coding function, free of charge.
  8. Engineer Mode QR Coding function: 7 minutes for any new injector and generate reliable QR code, which ECU can accept.(Optional)


  1. Box 1Computer and controller with LCD monitor
  2. Box 21 pc Flow meter, 2 pcs solenoid valve, 1sets of cooling fan.

If you can measure withglass tube of mechanical test bench, then you no need Box 2


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