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Injector Disassembly Unit PTC-100A

Injector Disassembly Unit PTC-100A

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1.Product Name

PTC-100A PT fuel injector disassembling tool

2.Product Application

This fuel injector disassembling tool is mainly used for disassembling all kinds of PT injector assembly

3.Product Introduction

An Injector Disassembly Unit is a specialized tool used in the maintenance and repair of fuel injectors, particularly in diesel engines. It is designed to safely and efficiently disassemble injectors, allowing for inspection, cleaning, and replacement of internal components as needed.

the features of an Injector Disassembly Unit include:

  1. Precision Disassembly: The unit provides a controlled environment for disassembling injectors, ensuring that delicate internal components are not damaged during the process.
  2. Compatibility: It is typically designed to accommodate a range of injector types and sizes, making it suitable for use with various diesel engines.
  3. Safety Measures: Injector disassembly can involve high-pressure components and potentially hazardous materials. As such, these units often include safety features such as protective enclosures, pressure relief systems, and ergonomic designs to minimize risks to operators.
  4. Tooling and Fixturing: The unit may come with specialized tooling and fixturing to securely hold injectors in place during disassembly, preventing movement or misalignment that could cause damage.
  5. Cleaning and Inspection: Some injector disassembly units are equipped with additional features for cleaning and inspecting injector components, such as ultrasonic cleaning baths and magnification tools for detailed visual inspection.
  6. Maintenance and Repair: By allowing thorough inspection and replacement of worn or damaged components, injector disassembly units facilitate maintenance and repair tasks, helping to restore injector performance and extend their service life.


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