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PT Injector Flow Test Bench PT-200A with Digital Screen

PT Injector Flow Test Bench PT-200A with Digital Screen

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1.Product Model

PT-200A with digital screen

2.Product Application

This test bench is used for repairing, adjusting and checking the injector, for Cummins N, K, L10, M11 series engine.

3.Product Description

The PT-200A PT INJECTOR FLOW TEST BENCH has the high features more than the others products, Please see below to find features and the technical parameters.


PT-200A PT INJECTOR FLOW test bench

This test bench is used for repairing, adjusing and checking the injector,for Cummins N, K, L10, M11 series engine

It has the following features:
1.Digital display oil injection quantity, reading   is visualized and accurate, minimum resolution is 0.1 ml (CC)
2.Automatic dividing mechanism and servo control system。Automatic dividing mechanism ensure the cam always in high position when injecting,   avoid the shortage of looking the cam high point by hand, it also can avoid bending and breaking the tappet, or damage the injector when clamping the injector to check the flow.   servo control system can feed oil in each loop dynamic gap。
3.Fuel feed hand lever has a good design, it can on-line checking and adjusting the oil quantity without to remove the injector from the test bench, it can save time and be more convenient
4.It has injecting backing pressure simulator , it can simulate the oil injecting condition of the engine , and make the equipment testing to approach the actual working condition of the engine
5.Oil temperature is controlled by microcomputer automatically.
6.Adopt PLC control, make the electrical system has high reliability
7.It has Multiple mechanical and electrical safety protection device, make the equipment operation to be more safe and reliable

Technical parameter:
1.Range of measure: 0~1000cc/stroke
2.Fuel temperature: 38±2℃
3.Oil-feed pressure: 100psi
4.Clamping pressure:74psi
5.Power supply: AC 380V 50HZ
6.Power : 3.5KW
7.External dimension: 1020mm*800mm*1430mm
8.Weight: 450KG


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