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Common Rail System Test Bench SPT2708

Common Rail System Test Bench SPT2708

OEM     Available

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Place of Origin China



Common Rail System Test Bench SPT2708


  1. Used for BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI common rail pump and common rail injector.
  2. BOSCH Piezo common rail injector and EUI/EUP.


  1. Complete testing function for common rail pump and injector together;
  2. Precision testing and checking same as OEM factory;
  3. Stable running on 4000 RPM with common rail pump;
  4. Reliability for long time, its not change.
  5. Including all popular common rail pump and injector data. Also customization is available.
  6. USB disk data and program update is available.

More Details
1.Shape:BOSCH EPS708 shape

2.Common rail function:

Common rail pump: BOSCH and DENSO
Common rail injector: BOSCH and DENSO

3.EUI/EUP:(optional)program update and attachment following


4.Pizo function:   (optional)

5.Control system: Windows system computer with industry solid Disk
6.Injector fixture: one set only, maximum fixture:4 sets(optional), need add USD800
7.Sensor: only meter sensors imported
8.Lubrication system:   Not equipped
9.Cooling system: Equipped
10.Standard test data:   Installed
11.Test data customize:   Support
12.Language: Chinese and English, other language need customer help to translate and factory update free
14.Max Pressure: 1800Bar
15.Precision:   ±1%
16.Power:380V or 220V 3 phase 50HZ


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