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WUNFA SPE1010 Multi-Function Test Bench

WUNFA SPE1010 Multi-Function Test Bench

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A. Name:Multi-Function Test Bench SPE1010


B.Introduction:This SPE1010 full function can test the Mechanical Pumps and Common Rail Systems (Common Rail Pump, 6pcs common rail testing, HP0 Pump Testing, Pump Delivery Testing, DRV valve testing), HEUI System, EUI/EUP Cam Box and Adapters, and so on.



1. Fully automatic detection of electromagnetic fuel injectors of various brands and models suchas BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS, etc.

2. Fully automatic detection of all piezoelectric injectors.

3. Automatically generate QR code for BOSCH common rail injector.

4. Generate DENSO common rail injector QR code online.

5. Generate DELPHI common rail injector C21, C31 code online.

6. Generate SIEMNS common rail injector (VDO) IIC code online.

7. Inductor detection of injector solenoid valve.

8. Detect there sponse time of the injector BIP.

9. Check theinjector dynamic stroke AHE.

10. Fully automatic detection of all high pressure common rail pumps.

11. Fully automatic detection of all actuated pumps. (Optional)

12. Fully automatic detection of DENSO HP0 pump

13. Fully automatic detection of BOSCH, CAT, CUMIMINS, DELPHI, Benz, Volvo and othertypes of pump nozzles and unit pumps, as well as dual solenoid valve injectors.(Optional)

14. Online remoteassistance and system upgrades are available.

15. The standard data of various fuel injectors and fuel pumps are stored in the system.

technical parameter:

1. Embedded industrial computer system, color LCD touch screen control, easy operation andstable performance.

2. Pressure testrange 0-2400BAR. Rail pressure accuracy +, – 0.1bar.

3. High-precisionflow sensor, the flow range is 0.008-4L/min. The accuracy is 0.3%.

4. Output power:7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW. (optional)

5. Optional inputvoltage: three-phase 380V, three-phase 220V optional

6. Motor speedrange: 0-4000RPM,

7. Temperaturecontrol range: 40+-2

8.Temperature cooling method: air cooling/forced cooling optional


D.Standard accessorie (High pressure common rail)



E. Optional accessories (EUI/EUP)

HEUI (optional accessories)


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