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WUNFA SPE825 Test Bench

WUNFA SPE825 Test Bench

OEM     Available

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Place of Origin China


Multi-Function Test Bench SPE825


This SPE825 full function can test the Mechanical Pumps and Common Rail Systems (Common Rail Pump, 6pcs common rail testing, HP0 Pump Testing, Pump Delivery Testing, DRV valve testing), HEUI System, EUI/EUP Cam Box and Adapters, and so on.


All functions can be customized according to customer’s demand.



1.Diesel Fuel Injection Mechanical Pump Testing.


2. CR Pump testing: Pressure, Leakage of itself , Pump Delivery , DENSO HP0 pump testing.

3. CR Injector Testing: Leakage , Oil quantity (Pre-injection, Idling, Emissions, Full Load) (Leak, VL, EM, LL, VE), BOSCH/SIEMENS Piezo Injector Testing .

4.Pressure Sensor/ DRV valve testing.

5.Supports System: BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS .

6. Testing data inside (Pump and Injector ):

1) 3071 types CR injector testing plans

2) 1854 types QR coding

3) 862 types CR pump testing plans

4) 69 types DENSO HP0 pump testing plans

5) 63 types HEUI testing plans.

6) 446 types EUI EUP testing plans

7.Injector inductance test.

8.Electronic fuel delivery measuring(automatic detection).

9. Data can be searched , printed and made into database .

10.CAT HEUI injector testing.

11.EUI/EUP testing function.

12.BIP function.


14. CAT 320D pump testing. (Optional)

15.VP44 pump testing. (Optional)

16.VP37 Pump testing ( Optional)


17.Standard accessories.

( CR injectors, Mechanical pumps, CR pumps, HEUI, EUI EUP)



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