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RED4 Electronic Governor for Electronic In-line Pump Tester

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1、Electronically controlled pump inspection and maintena

a. Governor Detection

First open the governor cover, Check inside if there is oil and other contaminants, Cleansed of oil and dirt, moves up and down the linear motor slider, To see if there stuck.

Connection RED4 Governor and RED4 control box,Adjusted according to the instruction manual throttle size, viewing rack position changes, should smooth sensitive.

b.Pump Detection

The main testing plunger for wear, camshaft for wear and, if it should be replaced.

c.Pump oil detection

The high-pressure pump installed in the test bench, connected RED4 control box and pump, According to each pump fuel injection data to adjust the amount of fuel injection pump,Start test bench to watch fuel injection quantity,Adjustment method and ordinary mechanical pump same.

2、Product Features

This product can debug all equipped with Japan’s Zexel company RED4 electronic governor inline pump,Product performance is the same as the original installation import controller,Debugging data is the same.

3、 Technical Parameters

supply voltage:AC220V 50HZ

power consumption:<200W

LCD screen

Adjustment range: 95% ~ 5% continuous adjustable Measurement accuracy:±0.1%

4、Operating instruction


a、Limp Home:Constant speed control switch, press the Limp home button, the PWM output is 95%;

b、Pull Down:Return switch,Press the Limp home button,the PWM output is 5%;

c、RED4 POWER,Oil pump power switch,control the power supply of RED4 oil pump;

d、MODE:Exit Constant speed mode, enter the user mode of regulation,

Preinstall 4 gears:PWM1~PWM4,Corresponding 5%,16.25%,72.5%,95%;

e、ADJ:Press ADJ button,Switch between PWM1~PWM4;

Left or right rotation the ADJ key, can adjust the PWM value in 5% ~ 95%.

5、Using method

Use cable connection test instrument and electric control pump,First open the 220V power switch,And then open the Power Red4 switch,Screen display   POWER=ON。

Press “POWER RED4” key,Control oil pump on/off;

Left or right rotation the ADJ key,,adjust PWM value,Changing throttle size,

Press ADJ key, Choose to preset 4 stalls:5%,16.25%,72.5%,95%。 Press “Pull Down” key,Tester output PWM 5%,

Press “Limp home” key,Tester output PWM 95%。


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