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Common Rail Tools


Common rail tools refer to a set of specialized equipment used for the maintenance, testing, and repair of common rail fuel injection systems in diesel engines. These tools are essential for mechanics and technicians working with modern diesel engines, which often use common rail technology to improve efficiency and performance. Here are some common tools used in this context:

  1. Common Rail Injector Tester: Used to test the performance and functionality of fuel injectors, including pressure, spray pattern, and atomization.
  2. Pressure Gauges: For measuring the high pressure in the common rail system, which can reach up to 2000 bar or more.
  3. Diagnostic Scanners: Tools that connect to the engine control unit (ECU) to read fault codes, monitor live data, and perform various diagnostic functions.
  4. Injector Removal Tools: Specialized tools designed to safely remove injectors from the engine without causing damage.
  5. Injector Reconditioning Kits: These kits include components and tools needed to rebuild and recondition injectors, such as seals, nozzles, and calibration tools.
  6. High-Pressure Pump Test Bench: A test bench used to assess the performance and functionality of high-pressure fuel pumps.
  7. Leak-Off Test Kits: These kits measure the amount of fuel returning to the tank from the injectors, which can indicate injector health and efficiency.
  8. Ultrasonic Cleaner: Used for cleaning injectors and other fuel system components to remove carbon deposits and other contaminants.
  9. Common Rail Dummy Injectors: Used to isolate and test individual injectors by simulating injector operation without actual fuel injection.
  10. Adapter Sets: Various adapters and fittings required to connect test equipment to different types of injectors and fuel systems.

These tools are crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of diesel engines equipped with common rail injection systems, ensuring that they run efficiently and reliably.

2.Product List

Common Rail Tools
1Injector Dismounting Stand
238pcs Common Rail Injector Tools
338pcs Tools + Torque Wrench
440pcs Common Rail Injector Tools
540pcs Tools + Torque Wrench
623pcs Tools + Torque Wrench
7Injector Dismounting Stand
820pcs Common Rail Injector Tools
9Injector Adaptor 12pcs
10Short Clamp Injector Adaptor
11Rapid Connector φ7 φ9
12Common Rail Pump Tools
13Common Rail Injector Demolition Tools
14Meter Holder
15Grinding Tools for Valve Cap
16Leaking Test Tools for Valve Assy
17CP1/CP3 Pump Rotating Tools
188pcs Injector Cleaning Tool
19Electron Microscope
20Binocular Microscope
21High Definition Electron Microscope
22Shims Measure Tools
2317pcs Injector Cleaning Tools
24Adaptor for Denso 7050
25Denso G2 Injector Adaptor
26Denso Volvo Adaptor
27John Deere Denso 6480 Adaptor
28H10 Adaptor for Denso Injector
291211 Injector Oil Back Adaptor
30CAT 320D Injector H20 Adaptor
31Various Oil Return Adaptors
32Multi-function Adaptor
33Bosch Fuel Collector
34Bosch Pump Valve Puller
35Bosch 818 Pump Valve Puller
36Delphi Pump Valve Puller
37Common Rail Injector Valve Testing Tools
38Common Rail Injector Valve testing tools with Shims
39Fuel Injector Measuring Tools
40Fuel Injector Flow Tools
41Rapid Return Oil Adaptor
42Built-in Injector Returnliner 1set=10pcs
43Bosch Denso Remote Injector Return Connector
44Common Rail Injector Return Oil Connector Sets
45Rapid Return Oil Adaptor
46Cylinder Pressure Meter for Diesel Truck
47Common Rail Injector Filter Tools
48HP0 Pump Plunger Repair Tools
49Three Jaw Tools
50Three Jaw Tools without Rod
51CAT 320D Tools
52Meering Unit Valve Tool
53320D Pump Tool
54320D Pump Solenoid Valve Spanner
55320D Pump Stand and Coupling
56CAT 320D 336E Tools
57Piezo Injector Tools
58Injector Dismounting Stand
59New Cummins Injector Tools
60CAT 320D Injector Tools
61Torque Wrench
62Denso Injector Filter Tools
63T02 Injector Stand for Test Bench
64T04 Injector Stand for Test Bench
65T06 Injector Stand for Test Bench
666pcs Injector Stand for Test Bench
67Injector Collect Stand for Test Benhc
68Bosch 120 Injector Valve Puller
69Bosch 110 Injector Valve Puller
70Repair Parts Plate
71Micrometer Stand
72Backoil Adaptor
73CAT 320D C7/C9/C-9 Tools with Shims
74Cummins ISG Injector Tools with Shims
75Cummins ISG Injector Tools
76Cummins ISG Injector Valve Testing Tools
77ISG Common Rail Injector Disassemble Injector/Measuring Tools
78XPI 2872544 Injector Oilback Adaptor
79Foton Cummins ISG Injector Spanner
80Low Pressure Supply Testing Tools
81CRIN4 Bosch 4 Pins Injector Disassemble Tools
82Oil Proof Digital Dial Indicator
83Magnetic Base
84Oil Proof Shim Measuring Tools
85Denso Injector Valve Testing Tools without Dial Indicator
86Bosch Piezo Valve Repair Tools
87Bosch / Denso Solenoid Wrench
88CAT 320D Solenoid Wrench
89Diesel Pump Bracket
90Automobile Circuit Detector
91Vernier Caliper
92Shims Grinding Tool
93Digital Multi-meter
94Auto Resistance Simulator
95Solenoid Valve Inductance Tool
96Infrared Thermometer
97Common Rail Injector Fixture Tools
98Fuel Injector Disassembly Puller from Vehicle
99Simple Common Rail Injector Dismounting Tools
100Dismounting Tools for Filter
101Common Rail High Pressure Oil Way Plunger Pressure Testing Tool
102O-ring/ Oilseal Dismounting Tool
103Turbocharger Testing Tools
104Shims Box
105Piezo Injector Spanner
106Small Cleaning Basket
107Simple Common Rail Tools (5pcs)
108Bosch 120 Spanner 27&28 mm
109Delphi A3/E3 Stand
110Common Rail Pipe Adaptor
111Common Rail Injector Universal Adaptor
112Bosch Piezo Injector 8 angel spanner 15&16mm
113Common Rail Pressure Testing Tools with Safety Valve
114Piezo Injector Tools
115Injector Puller
116CHONGYOU Disassembla and Measuring Tools
117Denso 1211 Dismounting and Measuring Tools & Shims
118Siemens Measuring Tool & Shims
119Siemens Piezo Injector Solenoid Valve Spanner
120Full Series Truck Dismounting Tools
121Bosch Full Series Piezo Injector Tools
122CRIN2 (Bosch 120 Series)
123CRIN2 (Bosch 110 Series)
124Siemens Piezo Injector
125Bosch 120 VEH
126Denso G3
127Siemens Piezo Tool
128CAT 320 Measuring Tool
129C7 C9 Measuring Tool
130Measuring Tools Set
131Injector Repair Kits Install Tool
132Stoke Tools for Cummins 4384786 Injector
133Various Couplings
134Lock Nut Couplings
135SD1000 Injector Mist Suction Machine
136CR-XWQ Injector Mist Suction Machine
137Pump Disassembly Tools CP1 CP2 CP3 HP0 PT VP37 VP44
138Common Rail Pump Disassembly Tools
139Bosch CP4/Denso HP3 HP4 Pump Plunger Tool
140Denso G3 G4 Injector Tool
141Common Rail Injector Tool
142Dongfeng Longqing 1112010-E9300 Injector Tool
143Delphi F2R Dongfeng Longqing Injector Tool
144Delphi F2ENP Dongfeng Longqing 3+3 Injector Tool
145L'ORANGE 4000.3 MTU Disassembly Tool
146Injector Pneumatic Puller
147Injector Pneumatic Puller
148Piezo Injector Repair Tools
149Bosch 120 Series Injector Solenoid Valve Spacer Tool
150Piezo Injector Repair Tools
151Injector Repair Tools
152CHONGYOU Injector Disassembly and Measurement Tools
153Bosch CP4 Pump Disassembly and Repair Tools
154EDC3000 Tool/Tester Trolley
155Injectors Shims Grinding Machine
156Sealing Tester for Common Rail Injector Valve Cap and Control Valve


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