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Mechanical Tool

1.Product Introduction

A mechanical tool is a device or implement used to perform a specific mechanical task, often involving physical manipulation of materials or objects. Mechanical tools can be manual or powered and are designed to make tasks easier, more efficient, and more precise. Here are some common categories and examples of mechanical tools:

  1. Hand Tools: Tools that are operated manually without any motor or power source.
    • Wrenches: Used to turn bolts and nuts.
    • Screwdrivers: Used to drive screws into materials.
    • Pliers: Used for gripping, bending, and cutting wire.
    • Hammers: Used for driving nails, breaking objects, or fitting parts together.
    • Chisels: Used for cutting or carving hard materials like wood or stone.
    • Files: Used for smoothing or shaping materials.
  2. Power Tools: Tools that are powered by electricity, batteries, or compressed air.
    • Drills: Used for making holes in materials.
    • Saws: Used for cutting materials, available in various types like circular saws, jigsaws, and reciprocating saws.
    • Grinders: Used for grinding, cutting, or polishing materials.
    • Sanders: Used for smoothing surfaces by abrasion.
    • Impact Wrenches: Used for delivering high torque to fasten or loosen bolts and nuts.
  3. Precision Tools: Tools used for measuring and marking with high accuracy.
    • Calipers: Used for measuring the distance between two opposite sides of an object.
    • Micrometers: Used for precise measurement of small dimensions.
    • Dial Indicators: Used to measure small distances or angles.
  4. Fastening Tools: Tools used for assembling parts.
    • Nail Guns: Used for driving nails quickly into materials.
    • Staple Guns: Used for driving staples into materials.
    • Riveters: Used for installing rivets.
  5. Specialty Tools: Tools designed for specific tasks or industries.
    • Pipe Wrenches: Used for gripping and turning pipes.
    • Torque Wrenches: Used for applying a specific torque to fasteners.
    • Bearing Pullers: Used for removing bearings from machinery.

2.Product List

Mechanical Pump Tools
1Tooth Bar Travel Tester
2Tooth Bar Travel Rulers
3Pre-Travel Gauge
4VE Pump Piston Journey Tester
5P Type Pump Tools
6MW Maintainer Tools (3pcs)
7Bosch P3000,P7100 M 10*1
8for CHONGYOU Pump φ10.3
9Used on Long Pump M14*1.5
10Used on Long Pump M10*1
11For P Type Pump φ12.3
12CHONGYOU Pump M12*1.5
13For P Type Pump φ11.5
14P7100,PW2000 φ11.7
15P8500 Pump M12*1.5
16WEIFU P2000 φ11.7
17For P Type Pump φ10.3
18Bosch Pump Maintaine (6pcs)
19Retainer Tool for Zexel
20PE Pump Depressor
21VE Pump Elements
22AO VEI Tool
23Five-flowers Wrench
24Disassemble Flyweight Tool
25Advancer Jackscrew
2661124112 Lama
27Slide Bars Puller
28Steyr Sleeve
29P7100,PW2000 Big Stopper
30P7100 PW2000 Small Stopper
31Jetta Tool (inner triangle wrench)
32Pump Scratcher
33P Type Pump Clip Tool
34Caterpillar Tool Injection Tool
35Caterpillar Tool
365M Pump Socket Tools
37Plunger Clip
38P Type Plunger Retainer
39For Dismounting of Different
40Flanges for Mechanical Pumps
41Blocks for Mechanical Pumps
42Kamaz Pump Stand
43Universal Joint for Test Bench
44Flyweight Nut Disassembly Tool A Type Pump & P7100/2000


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