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1.Product Introdcution

HEUI (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector), EUI (Electronic Unit Injector), and EUP (Electronic Unit Pump) are all fuel injection technologies used in diesel engines. These systems are critical for ensuring precise fuel delivery, which improves engine efficiency and reduces emissions. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. HEUI (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector):
    • Working Principle: HEUI uses high-pressure engine oil to hydraulically actuate the injector. Electronic controls manage the timing and duration of the fuel injection.
    • Advantages: Provides precise control over fuel delivery, allowing for better combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.
    • Applications: Commonly used in heavy-duty diesel engines, such as those found in trucks, buses, and construction equipment.
  2. EUI (Electronic Unit Injector):
    • Working Principle: EUI integrates the injector and high-pressure pump into a single unit. The injector is controlled electronically, and the high-pressure pump is driven by the engine’s camshaft.
    • Advantages: Combines the functions of fuel injection and high-pressure pumping, allowing for precise fuel metering and timing.
    • Applications: Widely used in both light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines, including those in commercial vehicles and some passenger cars.
  3. EUP (Electronic Unit Pump):
    • Working Principle: EUP separates the high-pressure pump and injector into different units. The pump is driven by the engine’s camshaft, while the injector is controlled electronically.
    • Advantages: Allows for high injection pressures and precise control of the injection process, improving fuel atomization and combustion efficiency.
    • Applications: Often found in large industrial and marine diesel engines.

2.Product List

1EUI Disassembly Fixing Tool
2EUI Cummins N14/L10 Tools
3Volvo 20430583/20440388/2050062 Tools
4CAT EUI 3126/C7/C9 Tools
5HEUI/EUI Dismounting Stand
6HEUI/EUI Sprig Remove Tool
7HEUI/EUI Dismounting Tool
8CAT C7/C9 Injector Puller
9CAT C7/C9 Spool Valve Dismounting Tool
10CAT C7/C9 Simple Dismounting Stand
11C7/C9 Spool Valve fix Tools
12Mesuring Seat for EUI/EUP
13CAT C7/C9/C13/C15/3126 Tools
14C7/C9 Injector Repair Kits Tools
15CAT HEUI 3126 C7/C9 Tools
16Cummins EUI Tools
17Volvo EUI Tools
18CAT C13 Repair Tools
19CAT/HEUI Three-jaw Spanner
20C7/C9 Injector Simple Tools
21C7/C9 Injector Injector Tools
22Simple Tools for Volvo
23Tools for Volvo EUI
24Dismounting Tools for M11 N14
25Cummins M11 Disassembly and Measurement Tool
26Tools for Scania Injector
27CAT HEUI C7/C9/C-9/3126 Valve Testing Tools
28CAT C7/C9 Engine Oil Valve Stroke Measurment Tool
29CAT Injector Dismounting Stand
30CAT 3126 Injector Puller
31Common Rail Injector Puller
32CAT 3500E/3508E/3512E/3516E
33Cummins KTA19
34Hyundai 22880-84001
35Cummins ISX Tools
36CAT Pump Lift Valve Tool
37M11 Injector Solenoid Valve Stroke Sealing Test Tools
38Cummins Injector Solenoid Tool
39EUI/EIP Stroke Measure Tools
40EUI/EUP Valve Grinding Tools
41EUI/EUP Valve Grinding and Measuring Tools
42EUI Nozzle Opening Pressure Test Connector
43EUI Nozzle Opening Pressure Test Connector
44Delphi E1/E3 Tools
45CAT Tools fit for CAT HEUI C7/ C9/ C-9 Injector
46Cummins Solenoid Valve Tools for M11/N14
47Bosch Repair Tools fit for Scania and Volvo
48CAT C10/C11/C12/C13/C15/C18 Tools
49CAT EUI C13/C15/C18 Tools
503408/3412 Tools
51CAT 3126 HEUI Tools
52CAT 336E Tools
53M11/N14 Seal Up
54Cummins HPI Actuator Tools
55Cummins M11/N14 CRTP
56CAT 311-323 ABCD 320D Barring Tools
57Foton Cummins Barring Tools (CR)
58C7/C9 Barring Tools
59Renault Barring Tools (CR)
60Komatsu Tools
61Barring Tools Set
62Hongyan Jieshi Cranking Timing Tool
63Injector Grinding Tools 110 & 120 Series
64Cummins ISX/QSX/3163/3021 Cam Timing Tool Kit
65CAT Actuation Pump Adaptor
66Kubota Zexel Pump Head Rotor Testing Fixture
67HEUI/EUI Leaking Testing Tools
68Volvo EUI 2-Pin/4-Pin Injector Sealing Test Tools
69Scania Bosch EUP Control Valve Sealing Tools
70CAT 3116E Injector Tools
71Cummins QSX15 Tools
72Cummins Q60 Tools
73Cummins QSK19 Repair Tools
74CAT 345E Injector Tools
75CAT C12 Injector Disassemble Tools
76CAT C7/C9 Pump Poppet Valve Core Replacement Puller
77CAT C7/C9 HEUI Pump Disassemble Tools
78PT Pump Disassemble Tools
79Injector Nozzle Nut Tools C13/C7/C9/3126 Volvo X15 CR 17mm


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